A Bit About Me

Even as a young child, I always came up with stories and drawing characters and filled notebooks to the brim with them. The freedom I had in crafting my literary work gave me a sense of peace, joy, and love for both my work and myself. Coming from a sports family, I had to learn to embrace being "UN1QU3". Having grown up where self-confidence, anxiety, and self-love were a struggle, I wanted to provide what I didn't have: a warm glimmer of sunshine to bask in throughout the dark blizzard of the world, as well as the reminder that things will eventually be okay. As a creator, published author, and business owner of UN1QU3 Young Artists, I am hoping to provide new outlets of escape for those who are struggling and encourage others to find their own forms of art that may serve as healthy outlets of expression and hopefully steer minds to focus on loving themselves, creating, and inspiring others.